DAPR consists of people with many years of experience in the industry, supported by external consultants.

We strive in our work to have as little impact on business as possible and at the same time to properly secure key information resources for each company, including personal data.

Przemysław Przydatek
Chairman of the Board
Mikołaj Otmianowski
Vice President
Jan Komosa
Lawyer / Personal Data Protection Specialist
Kamil Guzak
Personal data protection specialist
Marcin Błoński
Risk management and LegalTech specialist
Maciej Otmianowski
Risk management and LegalTech specialist
Jakub Burghardt
Junior IT Systems Administrator
Adam Gałęza
Junior IT Systems Administrator
Michał Nowicki
Product Owner/ UX/UI Lead Designer
Dominika Suda
Office manager


Tomasz Pieszczurykow
Business Driven Projects & IT
Paweł Stobiecki
Ethical hacker
Michał Szymanek
IT Systems Administrator
Paweł Czaplicki
Helpdesk IT
Piotr Świderski
Legal Counsel
Paweł Rybiński
Sławomir Jabłoński