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We can carry out ad hoc and annual audits, which can be either comprehensive or cover only specific areas. Audits are concluded with a report and a presentation for the executive team. We provide a review of processes, identify irregularities, and help fulfil the obligation to report to company executive teams and boards.


If your business is not yet AML/CFT compliant, or you have only bought “a set of documents”, we can offer you our support. We will start with training, so that you and your staff know what lies ahead. Then we will find out how individual processess work, and how they need to be adjusted. Together with your team we will work out solutions combining compliance and business needs, while laying it all out in the documentation.

Risk analysis

The risk-based approach is the basic principle of AML. Under the regulations you have to carry out a risk analysis and asess the risk for each client. If you need support, we can provide you with document templates and practical assistance in conducting a risk analysis.

KYC + Monitoring

We can provide assistance with client risk analysis and with adjusting the KYC process to legal requirements. We can also help you set alerts for transactions, and support you in analysing difficult cases.


Under the AML regulations, you must provide your staff with training, including on personal data processing. As we combine GDPR and AML services, we can offer comprehensive training courses tailored to your needs.


We can receive and examine notifications; keep records; prepare reports; draft procedures, bylaws and other documents.


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