About the company

Name of the company, DAPR, stands for “data protection”. Our mission is to protect and secure information, especially personal data, processed by our clients.

Our solutions safeguard data in terms of legal, technical and infrastructural sides.

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GDPR as “forced” change of companies

GDPR is not only a legal obligation to apply data protection solutions, but it is also great chance to re-examine your organization processes. Major goal of our services is to support, in a comprehensive and structured way, development and restructuring of companies. Thanks to GDPR such companies have a possibility to identify and map their internal processes and manage them, as well as develop new, innovative tools ensuring them to adjust their business to new regulations and market conditions. In fact, GDPR requirements help companies to make their business more organized and efficient.

Thus, people working in DAPR are experienced professionals in the fields of data protection, security, IT, and business processes analysis. We have needed background and knowledge to help you develop your company and adjust it to constantly changing legislation and market, which makes your company a step ahead of your competition.

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Information is key

Our task is to secure it properly. Our values, expertise and experience ensure high quality of the provided business services, as well as confidentiality and loyalty, as client are always our top priority.