Our Team

DAPR is a company created by people with extensive experience in the industry. We cooperate with external consultants providing expertise in the field.

In our every-day work we try to minimize our influence on your ongoing business operations, but aim to secure key information resources, including personal data.

Przemysław Przydatek

CEO, Chairman of the Board

Expert in information security with 8-year experience in IT. Przemysław is a qualified ISO 27001 Internal Auditor. He conducted audits of the biggest server rooms in Poland, e.g. in NATO, Raiffeisen Bank, IBM, Ikea. With his innovative approach he easily identifies gaps in IT infrastructure and systems. As he has cooperated with small and medium enterprises, he has a deep understanding of SME sector. He knows how to combine client’s needs, budget’s limitations and security requirements, which are always his top priority. His professional interests cover business continuity, distributed management and company performance optimization.

Mikołaj Otmianowski

Vice President

Mikołaj is a legal counsel, but his professional interests and experience combine three different areas: law, IT and organizational process management. He supervised and monitored various projects development and negotiation processes for his clients. He established methodology and program for creating road maps in a law firm. He has conducted various audits to verify company compliance with data protection regulations, and implementations of both formal and organizational solutions in companies and governmental institutions. In DAPR he is responsible for legal side of our operations. In his private life Mikołaj is a dedicated father and husband. He loves basketball, skiing and sailing.

Marcin Błoński

Risk management and LegalTech specialist

Expert in national security and crisis management. Marcin gained his professional experience in governmental administration and consulting industry. In DAPR he is responsible for LegalTech products development, relevant to personal data protection and risk management. Co-author of DAPR personal data protection risk assessment methodology. Privately he is a certified mountain leader, sailor and guitar player.

Maciej Otmianowski

Risk management and LegalTech specialist

Lawyer and business analyst. Maciej has a profound knowledge and practical experience gained in consulting companies in the area of evaluation methods, public interventions, negotiation and coordination processes.

Krzysztof Wysoczański

IT Specialist

Software and hardware specialist. He has extensive knowledge in various IT fields, including experience in cooperation with different companies.

Jędrzej Sokół

Personal Data Specialist